Voices of the Rivers

Voices of the Fraser

A Colorado Tributary: Hear what those who live along and work along the Fraser have to say about the future of the river.

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What You've Said

Samples of what signers of our online petition have said about the river:

For almost 20 yrs my mother has lived and owned a private business in the Fraser Valley. Her livelihood and that of her customers and friends depend greatly on the strong health of the Fraser. Businesses similar to my mothers as well as larger firms present in the area do a great service to the economy of the state of Colorado. I, and many people the world over, would agree that the Fraser River and the Fraser Valley are integral elements that help define the "whole" of what is loved about the state of Colorado. Diverting a river like the Fraser to a point of diminished health is an irresponsible act, and demonstrates a very "short-sighted" understanding of the importance of a great natural resource. Long live the Fraser River!”

Scott from Colorado

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