Home maintenance

Landscaping should be taken seriously by homeowners because a beautiful lawn makes a beautiful home. Once you decide to landscape you should look at factors like the final appearance, the cost of the project, and how demanding the maintenance will be after that. The time and effort required in maintaining the landscape should not be more than you can afford to spare. This is because time is of the essence. It is therefore ideal to go for a low maintenance landscape. Below are some important tips for having a low maintenance landscape.

Steps to a low maintenance landscape

Buy high-quality, long-lasting landscaping materials

Purchasing high-quality landscaping equipment is essential. Even when on a budget, there is no harm in getting inexpensive equipment as long as they are of good quality. If you buy cheap material, they may end up costing you more in the long run. You should, therefore, purchase materials that do not need frequent replacement or those that need high maintenance.

Consider a rock garden

Most people love green gardens, but gray gardens are also ideal. Rock gardens are a perfect substitute for high maintenance plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns. Unlike the green gardens, rock gardens do not require regular trimming, watering, and mowing. Not only are they time saving, but they also save individuals money that would have been used for such activities.

Avoid high maintenance plants

Some plants and trees are quite hard to maintain. Examples of such include red maple, live oak, and dwarf bamboo among others. Instead of having them in your garden, consider getting landscape plants that are easy to maintain. It is advisable to get ones which can adapt to extreme temperature conditions. They should also have the ability to resist diseases and insects. In addition to that, they should thrive in poor soil conditions. It is easy and cheap to maintain such plants, yet they will still give your garden an exquisite look.

Use the right plant size

Tall trees and any large plants that are placed beneath electrical lines, windows, and doorways need regular pruning. This is to prevent them exceeding the desired height and thickness. However, during planning, most people do not consider this fact because they do not know how the trees or plants grow. Therefore, before planting anything in your garden, it is important to talk to experts so that they can explain to you what to expect from certain plants. That will give help you to come up with a plan of how often you will be pruning.