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The Common Materials Used in the Commercial Doors

Commercial doors refer to doors that are used in various buildings that are open to the general public or premises that accommodate businesses. These options are built to be long-lasting and more durable as compared to their residential counterparts. This is because they are subject to enormous amounts of traffic.

You can find a wide range of doors designed for offices, schools, stores, and factories. All of these serve different purposes. The most important thing about them is that they are made from some common materials. The following are the most common:


wooden doorWood is used to make doors that are inside the building. This is because temperature fluctuation and moisture can cause warping. This is likely to render your application dysfunctional. You can choose the material because of its beautiful appearance. However, this material is not stronger or more secure as compared to other materials. The good thing about wood is its timeless aesthetics. This explains why you will get in offices and commercial buildings.


This material is a favorite for most school districts. This is because it saves money on replacement and repair costs in the long-term. Fiberglass is regarded as one of the most durable materials currently on the market. However, commercial doors that are made of fiberglass are quite expensive. Only use them where durability is needed.

Aluminum and Glass

You have probably come across decorative aluminum and glass doors in various departmental stores, beauty salons, and boutiques. The good thing about this material is that it offers a sleek and prestigious appearance that does not need painting or staining. These materials are closely related to the steel-framed doors.


quality steel doorMost commercial doors are made of steel. Ideally, they are metal doors that are made of steel and wrapped around with resin, steel stiffeners, or foam insulation. Steel offers warehouses and factories with the maximum level of security. This material is tough and affordable. You can find quality commercial steel entry doors. Most of these doors are widely used in various manufacturing premises where heavy equipment can cause damage to the weaker doors.

The features and strengths of various materials allow for the manufacturing of the different types of commercial doors. This helps business owners to find doors that fit their business niche. Whether you are looking for durability, aesthetics, or security, the above materials provide the much-needed functionality of the commercial doors.…

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